Turkish Delight (Lokum),one of the oldest and most delectable sweets was created some 500 years ago when a Turkish Sultan asked his confectioner for something sweet and special to keep all happy!

It was an instant success, presented like a treat, covered in powdered sugar and in different flavours and nuts.  It has been virtually unchanged and is still putting smiles on faces ever since! Lokum was introduced to the West in the 19th century. During his travels to Istanbul, an unknown British man became very fond of this delicacy, so he purchased a case of Lokum and shipped it back to Britain under the name TURKISH DELIGHT! Picasso used to eat Turkish Delight on a daily basis to help with concentration on his work  while Winston Churchill and Napoleon’s favourite Turkish Delight was made with a pistachio filling.

TURKISH DELIGHT is made from starch and sugar under a very special process, flavoured according to taste with the most popular ones containing different nuts. It has a firm, elastic consistency and is often packaged and eaten in small cubes, dusted with sugar and cornflour to prevent sticking. Original Turkish Delight does not contain gelatin and other animal products.

TURKSPIRIT is a Turkish company that has permission to introduce original Turkish Delight in the South African market since 2005. Ever since the company started production, their products are just getting more and more popular in the market. The product has attracted real interest and great success! TURKSPIRIT is very grateful to their SA consumers and will try putting smiles on as many faces as possible with their traditional sweet!

Trade name: THE ORIGINAL TURKISH DELIGHT, is available in different ranges and different size packaging. Our products are gelatin and preservative free, making it suitable for all vegetarians as well as being Halaal certified. Available in bulk too for restaurants, catering companies et.

Recently TURKSPIRIT has introduced Sugar Free Turkish Delight which is a first in the SA market and sells to many pharmacies and health shops successfully!